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If you are asking yourself why you should donate, here a few ideas:


Donations will pay for the musicians, city services, advertisement, marketing, kids zone, …


Donations will be part of next year’s budget, so hopefully we can enjoy together this festival every year.

Donations will ensure other neighborhood celebrations throughout the year.


Donations can be used to make improvement around our community, we are open to listen to your ideas on how we can help.


Remember if you don’t want to donate there are other ways to help, get involved with us, we are always looking for volunteers and spread the word with your social media.


Thank you for considering donating to the Fall For Five Points Festival. See you there !

Fall For Five Points 2023 FINAL-19.png

Donate Now

Help us to sustain the festival


Thank you for your donation!

Fall For Five Points 2023 FINAL-19.png
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